Medium Size Bones available upon special request and at no additional charge, if you wish to purchase smaller bags or a quantity of bags greater than what we offer here please contact me directly at

The Variety Pack:  Containing Beef, Chicken & Molasses Flavors. Our three originally offered flavors when we were just starting out and now all together in one package. Makes it easier when you just can't make up your mind on which treat to choose. Available only in small size treats.

Peanut Butter Bones:  Made with an organic peanut butter made with flax seed oil & agave nectar.  These come in small, and Big Dog size biscuits.

Bacon Cheeseburgerr:  The name says it all! Bacon, Cheddar Cheese and Beef.  These come in small size, and regular size

Chicken & Waffles Biscuits: Chicken, Waffles and 100% Maple Syrup-y Goodness all made into one yummy treat!

Seasonal Biscuits:  New to our online customers but a favorite with our local customers is our Seasonal Biscuits. Each season of the year we find the freshest seasonal ingredients to create a new flavor for a limited time (while those ingredients are at their peak of freshness and in season) it could be Heart Beet Treats in Winter, Blueberry Vanilla Biscuits in Spring, Ham & Cheese in the Summer or Pumpkin Biscuits in Fall. The flavors you will receive will vary with the Seasons. Seasonal Biscuits are available only in small size treats.


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