There is a lady who bakes down the street.
Her K-9 treats simply can't be beat.
An empty cookie jar looks very bleak
So I beg to visit her every week.

Susie gives me samples, because I am so cute.
I always go home with lots of tasty loot.
Mom loves that the treats are healthy and nutritious
My tail wags because they're totally delicious!

K-9 treats are perfect, for any furry pup.
I give Susie's treats two excited paws up!
Clyde Monkey Boy Reeves

Submitted by Erica (and Clyde) Reeves
Midland, Texas


We live in Indiana and when our special delivery of K9 Cottage Cookies arrived in the mail, all three of our little puppies knew immediately there was something inside that they wanted to taste. When the box was opened there was standing room only as they tasted the special goodies made with loving care. My two girls have to really watch their weight and I know with these treats exactly what's inside and that they are made only with the finest ingredients. Also I want to say that the catnip treats were a huge success with my 14 year old cat who has never ever had anything to do with treats. Thank you K9Cottage for the love and care you put into every shipment of goodies.

Susan Alloway Indianapolis IN

I work in the food industry, so I understand the importance of quality ingredients and consistency of the product. The reason I buy treats from K9 Cottage Cookie Company is a superior product. I like attention to detail. The treats are always perfect each time. The ingredients are pure and healthy. My dog is prone to skin issues and I have seen an improvement since she has been regularly enjoying the treats. In fact, this is the only treat we use. Thank you K9 Cottage Cookie Company :)

Sharon (and Belle) Montgomery St Louis MO

The rustling of the cute bag already had the attention of all my furkids when I first brought them home. Once opened they started standing on their hinde legs for their treat. I love the assortment of flavors and the fact that there are different sized treats. My furkids vary in breeds. They are baked with the perfect crunch to let them enjoy their treat. They are certainly made with love.....thank you K9 Cottage Cookie Company! Great packaging, great price and furkid approved!

Monica Steen Odessa, Texas

Suebee LOVES your treats. If I try and give her a store bought one.... she spits them out and waits for one of yours. She has walked away leaving the store bought one on the floor.

Tc Peterson Minnesota


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